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No Membership Fees 

 No Management Fees

No Monthly Fee

No Capital Cost

Pay  For The Time You Fly


Time Valued Business Travel

    Time Valued Personal Travel

      Time Valued Family Travel

Serving 6,000 destinations Coast to Coast…NOT just the 530 airline served cities! Direct…point to point. NO long drives to the airport, NO two hour show time, NO embarrassing searches, NO cancelled flights, NO hub layovers or long rental car lines.

Put your car in park and in five minutes we will have you in the aircraft and engines turning. At your destination, a rental car of your choice will be on the ramp waiting when the aircraft parks. We make every flight a turn-key flight for you.

TIME …the one aspect of our lives we can not change. There are only 24 hours in a day, no more, no less.

What we have control over is how we use that time.

Business leaders realize enhanced productivity through efficient use of  their employee’s time. The deterioration in airline service coupled with the ever increasing pace of business generates a relook at essential business travel. Market boundaries are collapsing – the world is the market… staffs are leaner, more expensive  and more is expected from them in today’s down-sized/right-sized environment. Customers are sophisticated, demanding and challenging while business competition is increasingly fierce and it is world-wide. Communication is more important than ever. Nothing will ever replace face-to-face contact when it comes to the bottom line.


  • Key employee travel when time is critical.
  • Management team/engineering team travel.
  • Sales and marketing blitzes.
  • Return family time to valued employees.
  • Customer visits to the plant or site.
  • Company visits to the customer’s plant or site.
  • Customer service ( service team to fix a customer’s problem).
  • Shuttles at critical times (board meeting, convention personnel/displays, time sensitive events).
  • Mobile office enroute for presentation reviews, sensitive discussions, industrial security, etc..
  • Priority cargo, parts, company payroll/mail.
  • Special projects.
  • Security of key employees, their baggage and trade sensitive documents.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 351-8072
Integrity Air

  • Integrity Air is proud to be recognized as a leading provider of business aviation services on the Colorado Front Range. Our growth comes as a result of our commitment to providing the highest quality services and making customer satisfaction and safety our absolute priority.
  • The broad range of services offered by Integrity Air covers a full compliment of professional support, including flight crews, aircraft management, aircraft lease and aircraft acquisition.


  • 1. Save essential employee time.
  • 2. Increased productivity enroute.
  • 3. Travel direct to the business site.
  • 4. Ensure industrial security.
  • 5. Reduce stress by exercising maximum control over scheduling.
  • 6. Maximize family time.
  • 7. Attract and maintain key employees and customers.
  • 8. Reduce trip fatigue.
  • 9. Increase post trip productivity.
  • 10. Project a positive company/corporate image.
  • 11. Shorten project or product cycle times.
  • 12. Change the company culture into an entrepreneurial spirit.


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